Charcoal Birdseye Comfy Room Socks
Charcoal Birdseye Comfy Room Socks


Charcoal Birdseye Comfy Room Socks

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These chunky slipper socks are developed by using a machine specially made to produce various types of work socks for skiers, mountain rescue teams and fishermen. The soft and heat-retaining acrylic/wool blend fabric and the lining brushed after being knitted make the item feel even more comfortable. An interior elastic band is placed a little lower than the sock hem so that it can be worn also with the hem turned depending on the temperature. The sole features rubber print for slip resistance.

* Machine-washable.

* Avoid tumble drying, as it may cause shrinkage.

* The surface of this sock is quite sensitive to abrasion and can be worn out easily if you wear it with leather shoes.