Dark Ochre Rosyth Shirt Jacket
Dark Ochre Rosyth Shirt Jacket


Dark Ochre Rosyth Shirt Jacket

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The Rosyth Overshirt is derived from a blend of French workwear combined with USMC inspired detailing.

Light-weight indigo denim, softened with rinse washing for extra comfort is ideal for warmer climates.

The coloured warp and white weft of our plain weave denim, along with its one-times-one structure, gives the fabric a softer feel. It is strong and durable, whilst at the same time soft and breathable. The ability to keep its wearer cool and its effectiveness in wicking moisture away from the skin makes it super popular for use in workwear.

Plain weave denim was first adopted by the US Military in 1901, when the Navy workwear uniform issued would include a chambray shirt and denim trousers. The chambray shirts came in both long and short sleeve variations, would be light blue in colour and were sometimes worn with the addition of a white t-shirt. The denim trousers that completed the outfit were a darker shade of blue than the shirt.

This product is dyed with indigo, which imparts a rich and unique colour to the cloth. It is important to note that indigo dye has a tendency to transfer onto other materials, especially during the initial use. Take Care.

With regular use and proper care, the colour transfer will gradually diminish over time and this product will develop a unique patina.

Wash separately.